Simple Bachelorette Party Ideas

What’s the main aim of bachelor trips and parties? To have unlimited fun and just let your hair down! Whether you wish you plan a serene getaway with your girl gang or go crazy on a party weekend that you will never remember, bachelorette party ideas are endless. It’s always fun to think out of the box sometimes and surprise everyone with a spa vacation or a unique and raw camping trip. Here are some of our favourite bachelorette party ideas for the best trip!

Pool Party Time! Some cold water for the heat, scorching hot bikinis and strong cocktails, all this and add your best friends to the mix and what do you have? A fun and relaxed bachelor trip! Book a villa for the girls with a pool and chill out completely before the big day.

Music Playlists: Music defines the mood and can set the tone for your entire evening, so be sure to pick stuff that everyone knows, can sing to and dance their butts off! Even add some fun with karaoke.

Personalised Presents: Who doesn’t love gifts? Show your friends what they truly mean to you with unique and individualistic gifts that will warm their hearts and bring you guys closer with this unforgettable memory. Depending on your budget, decide the range and the type of gifts you wish to go for.

Little Black Dresses: Add some other elements of gang fun on the bachelor trips with a common theme that you all can enjoy and celebrate. For example, in anticipation of the big day with the maid of honour and bridesmaids, get everyone different kinds of dresses for the main night out!

Netflix Night: Who says all bachelorette party ideas involve going out? Have the perfect night in as you Netflix and chill with your favourites and unwind completely with a movie night, popcorn and delicious cocktails!

These are some of our ideas; we hope they’ve helped you plan the best bachelor trip for you!