The Best Themes

Bachelorette trips and bachelor parties are the main reason we don’t panic when our friends tell us that they’re getting hitched. All the panic we secretly feel, for them and ourselves, can be hidden behind the excitement for the ultimate party. So if you want to make this the perfect cover and an unforgettable event, we have some ideas for great bachelor party themes that could help you take your posse to the next level of partying. Here are some of our favourite choices:

Gamble your troubles away – Maybe you can’t make it to Vegas or maybe you can. But you can have the Las Vegas life wherever you go with a gambling night for the boys. A themed party at a posh place and everyone can be their own versions of James Bond and play some cards with style. Get some bottles of alcohol, a great bartender and make those martinis fabulous.

One for the Groom – If you’re one of those who want the party to be all about the groom, we have some great bachelor party theme ideas for you! Centre the party around his favourite drink, movie, music, food, etc. to make sure he knows he’s loved and cared for.

The Great Outdoors – Have you guys or girls been planning the perfect camping bachelorette trip or bachelor trip for a long time? This is the time to do it! Gather your friends up and prepare for a day of chilling among Mother Nature and her creations. Plan a fun hike with some delicious grilled food and drinks.

Game Night – We know how much you boys love sports and how important game nights are for you. So plan a great party by making the bachelor party theme super simple. Just figure out when there’s a big game and celebrate with you buds over some pizza and beer as you bond. People can dress up in the team’s jerseys, get flags and all sorts of accessories and watch some TV.

These are some of our ideas! Stay tuned with The Bachelor Trip for more!