What You Gotta Do

You are the best man. You have to organize the groom’s bachelor party. You are so nervous if you will be able to coordinate everything. The responsibility of the groom is on you. The responsibility of the guests’ entertainment is on you. The food, drinks, games, strippers or not, theme, costumes, music, backup plans, and most importantly, the guest list- is all on your shoulders. You gotta catch ‘em all. You have to prove your mettle. The pressure is real.


You panicking? Don’t. We know what an arduous task a bachelor party planning is. So let me help you out here, step by step, you’ll get through it. First and foremost step, finalize the guest list, because this list could make or break your party. When I say finalize, I don’t mean send out invitations already to all those listed, but get it approved by the groom; he may not want some people on that list. So don’t chuck the groom’s wish list.


Secondly, depending on how much you are willing to spend, choose a magnificent location, or throw an outstanding house party. Anyhow, some popular destinations for a bachelor party, which you could also convert into a bachelor trip, are Miami, Las Vegas, Bangkok, and Ibiza.


Thirdly, finalize a date that suits everyone, which should, in most cases, be a weekend. But keep in mind- never throw a bachelor party the night before the wedding. Next, send out the invitations to the final guest list, at least a month in advance, so the invitees can schedule their work accordingly.


Further, once you know how many people are attending the party, make reservations at the place(s) you decided to throw the party. Alongside, communicate with the vendors also, whom you think to be important. For example- transportation, hotel and restaurant reservations, event tickets etc.


Lastly, if possible, collect money from everyone beforehand itself so as to avoid the hassle later in the party. There, that was the manual way of throwing a bachelor party. However, if you are still hesitant about something, you could always use external help. Look up professionals offering bachelor party packages. I’m sure they will make your life and executing the party much easier. There you go. Now you are ready to rock your audience.


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