What To Avoid For Bachelor Parties

There are so many bachelor trip destinations to choose from in the world.  You can find never ending lists of what bloggers think are the ideal destinations to take off to with your ultimate pals before the big day. But some of these might be severely overrated and do not live up to the hype. Would you really want to book an entire bachelor trip which you get to do only once in your life and then realise that it was all really a big mistake, much like your career choices? We really want to help you avoid these irreversible mistakes that can never be forgotten. For this reason, we have a different kind of list for you, the places you should most definitely avoid.

Epcot Center, Florida

In the heart of Orlando, there is a place grown men should not be heading to for their bachelor trip and that is Epcot Center. It seems like men are heading to Disney World for a lame and corny bachelor party gone wrong. So please guys, do not have your party at an amusement park.

Golf Courses

You’re anyway getting old and married, why do you want to jump the gun and start your abysmal life already? This is going to be your future as it is, so please, save yourself and your friends. Like Mark Twain claimed, golf is a good walk spoiled.

Weird Strip Clubs

There are some really shady characters out there with odd fetishes that dampen the entire mood and purpose of a strip club. Heading to one of these destinations could mean death for your bachelor trip so be kind a spare us all from your vegan and nerdy strip clubs.

Colonial Williamsburg

No matter how fascinating you think history may be or how great you were are re-enactment parties, there is no valid excuse to head to Virginia’s historical attraction theme parks. Like we have established previously, amusement parks for grown men are not acceptable especially on a man’s last night of freedom

Even though we have mentioned most of these disastrous ideas for the worst bachelor trip destinations, the same list applies to bachelorettes as well. So women, don’t be idiots, plan better trips.


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