Another Round of Themes!

Bachelor parties are a once in a lifetime opportunity to truly let your wild side out and lose complete control of your inhibitions. Take the most insane trip with your closest friends and throw an epic party after intense sessions of bachelor party planning. There are multiple directions you can take the party. You can choose to go on an extravagant vacation or do a homely scene with the groom’s closest and dearest. But either way, a bachelor party theme is a great way to add an element of fun and a chance to deepen the existing bond. So here are some ideas for some easy and exciting themes:

Party All Night – Once everyone is married and get involved in their careers, families and new responsibilities, it’s going to be extremely difficult to party all night long with your buds. Not to mention that you physically probably will not be able to hold those quantities of alcohol or pull of your dance moves. So go and get some glow sticks, play the latest tunes and dance with some special substances in your system under those UV lights.

Play It Out – When you guys were in college, you must have played a ton of drinking games which were fun, competitive and allowed you to drink to your heart’s content. Well why not relive one of those famed nights with flip the cup, beer pong, and king’s? Stay up the entire night with this back-to-college bachelor party theme.

Crawl Through – Every gang has their bunch of beloved drinking holes that they meet up at after work or for an unwinding session over the weekend. So if you’re having a hard time with the bachelor party planning, chill out and just arrange a pub crawl that’ll take the groom to all his favourite gin joints with a special surprise at the end.

These are some of our ideas for fun but easy bachelor party themes! Hope it helps!



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